ICBS - Visualization tips

The links in the 'PDB header name' column display a RASMOL view of the ICBS database entries.

Inter-chain beta-sheets (ICBS) are best viewed when using Rasmol "Cartoon" display mode, and when coloring the protein chains. This can be achieved manually by selecting the corresponding menu commands in the graphic window of Rasmol, or by typing the corresponding sequence of commands in the Rasmol Command Line window, i.e.:

wireframe off
colour chain
This can also be automated in several ways...

All platforms:
You can save the above mentioned commands in a Rasmol script file (named set_icbs_display.script, for instance), then execute this script from the Rasmol Command Line window by typing:
script set_icbs_display.script

Windows users:
The previous solution also works, but here is a shortcut: Create a rasmol.ini file in your RASMOL directory. Type the previously mentioned commands in this file. The file is automatically executed each time Rasmol is launched.

The behavior you'll observe can vary with the RASMOL version, and depends on whether you are using a browser plug-in or the application.

For additional help on Rasmol, or if you wish to install Rasmol, please refer to one of the numerous pages that can be found on the web, for instance: